Keith Mayer - Executive Solutions

Keith is a Senior Tutor for the Football Association (FA) delivering a variety of courses, including the FA's Level 4 Psychology Course. Keith recently lectured on the Asian Football Association Pro-license Course in South Korea, which is among the highest football coaching qualifications in the World. He is an internationally renowned and esteemed coach, who has been developing the skills of some of the most elite athletes and business professionals for many years.

For over 30 years, Keith has cultivated relationships and acquired skills, knowledge and experience to make individuals and teams he works with the best they can be, both on and off the field, and in the business world. An influential force in the training and development of players, coaches and management. He works diligently to facilitate the learning processes in areas where football programs and players, and business need improvement.

Keith has an unwavering devotion to continued personal development and the pursuit of knowledge, where he regularly attends educational programs and seminars that allow him to remain abreast of modern techniques across all aspects of coaching. By maintaining excellent coaching principles and demanding the highest standards of commitment of his athletes and business professional, he has seen players represent their country at full international level, win World Championships and achieve great successes in the business World among many other achievements.


  • Toured with Manchester United on their Pre-season tour of South Africa and China, coaching as part of the Manchester United Soccer Schools – Supporting the development and nurturing of team based projects and coach education.
  • Mentor and coach at Liverpool FC academy – Developing coaches and players alike to reach their full potential.
  • Mentored Senior Management and Coaches of both Great Britain’s and England’s Cerebral Palsy (CP) Football Team – Developing team culture and inclusiveness.
  • Managed the England U20’s CP team on their winning trip to Brazil.

Personally Mentored

  • CEO’s and Senior Management at major blue chip companies
  • England National Football Association (FA) team coaches
  • Premier League footballers
  • Key personnel from the South Korean FA
  • World Champion Athletes
  • A Pride of Britain Award winner
  • PGA golfer
  • Assistant Managers of Professional Football League Clubs