About us

Executive Solutions 4U Limited has the ability to work with people from a variety of backgrounds, areas of work, and levels of ability and authority.

We have seventeen years experience of working in a variety of settings from government departments to grass-roots sports clubs and many in between.  We are comfortable working both one-to-one and in groups, with the ideal group size being up to twenty for more intense work, or up to 50 for more general information sessions.

Before a piece of work is to commence we would want to have a meeting to establish your desired outcomes from the workshop or course.  Our uniqueness hinges on the fact that sessions are tailored to your needs, and not ours.

David Sheridan, Managing Director of Executive Solutions4u has a significant range of industry specific formal qualifications, these coupled with his vast experience and success (which you can see for yourself in our Testimonials) go a long way in making him one of the leading individuals within the industry.

Keith Mayer - Executive Solutions

Keith is a Senior Tutor for the Football Association (FA) delivering a variety of courses, including the FA's Level 4 Psychology Course. Keith recently lectured on the Asian Football Association Pro-license Course in South Korea, which is among the highest football coaching qualifications in the World. He is an internationally renowned and esteemed coach, who has been developing the skills of some of the most elite athletes and business professionals for many years.