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I was first introduced to Executive Solutions after my Manager requested them to do a workshop for the staff to promote team building. Executive Solutions were then brought into the Company to work with individuals on a one to one basis which I have been doing for the past 6 months.
The coaching I received has been professional and enlightening with sessions on self-talk and behavior displays which have really helped me with both managing a team of staff in a busy office and also in my personal life. The sessions have also helped build my confidence to take my career to the next level within the Company having received a promotion whilst working with Executive Solutions.
I cannot recommend Executive Solutions highly enough. Thank you for all your support over the last 6 months.
Posted By: P Williams
Willowbrook Hospice, St Helens
I requested some career coaching from Executive Solutions about 6 months ago. I have been supported practically with a great personal package of both tips and thinking to support a promotion at work. My awareness has been raised through lifestyle and personal performance to a level I never dreamed of. Personal satisfaction leaked into my personal life also and how I manage my relationships both in work and out of work. The coaching I have received has been very professional but realistic and achievable with goal setting like I have never seen. I am now responsible for a large team of different individuals who understand my vision at work. Executive Solutions have supported me to gain this promotion and continue developing after it. Thank you Executive Solutions for my pay rise.
Posted By: Sarah
Personal Client, St.Helens
I contacted Executive Solutions via a friend who had previously used their services in the area of Life Coaching. I was at a low time in my life and could not see a way out, they have helped me to look at me and my skills in a different way and not compare myself with anyone or anything. I did sessions on self talk and displays and the importance of saying no. Slowly I worked through the sessions like building blocks adding and adding. I changed the way I seek new relationships and now have an awareness of the people I want around me, I take regular exercise training with my coach its a great personal motivator.
I felt ready to attempt employment about 6 months ago and started looking for anything that was available, again my sessions were tailored to this regarding interview skills and out the box stuff I had never done before, my success came from self belief and support.
I am now employed, good standard of living but with good people around me, my self belief is good and realistic. I had heard of Life Coaching before but was nervous, should have seen Exec years ago. Thank you for everything.
Posted By: Mike
Personal Client, St.Helens
I would like to thank Executive Solutions for their support over the last 12 months. After introducing them to the company they put together a dynamic, interesting, interactive and challenging programme of workshops around the areas of group management, time ticking away to where, employee engagement, well being in the senior partners and communication and systems. They also supported the company through one to one executive coaching in the areas of self talk, confidence, pressure management, structure and employee motivation and senior partners.
Executive Solutions have added another dimension to the care and support of our partners and employees building positive relationships at all levels. The benefits are immense and support a now steady ship. We are looking to continue to work with them in the future to promote a positive culture in our business.
Posted By: Collette Price
HR Manager, Preston
I have been working with Executive Solutions on both a personal and coaching level. They have opened my eyes to the keys to personal performance and changed my thinking on what I can achieve. I looked at myself and raised standards including my habits and what the triggers are. This has made me a better coach, my football team now know what I want them to do on a field individually and collectively whilst enjoying their sport. Their competitive edge has increased and made them harder for other teams to beat. Anyone wanting to learn these skills contact Executive Solutions straight away.
Posted By: Karl Jones
Sports Coach, Manchester
The Journey

As darkness descends
All of her fears arise
The tears of loneliness blinding her eyes
Her fists are clenched gripping onto the past
She knows she is falling, and falling fast
Her sleep is fitful
Her thoughts stealing her dreams
The voices, the faces, and the high pitched screams.

To begin a new day, a new life, a new view
Letting go she knows, she must do
It`s time to release, to begin to breath
To uncurl the fists, and to let the wounds heal
As the seasons change
She begins to grow
Like the blossoming bulbs, and the crisp white snow
Her eyes are open as never before
No longer afraid to open the door.

As she stands at the crossroads facing the sun
All the shadows behind her, not needing to run
The path that she chooses, once gripped her with fear
Is now open and yielding and her vision is clear
The journey is daunting, the companions few
She knows it is time to start anew
For life to begin as never before
No longer afraid to open the door.
Posted By: H.M. Seguro
Our company had heard many good things about Executive Solutions and the results businesses had gained from the sessions they had received.
We initially used them for our senior management team in order to help set goals (personally and professionally), develop in their role and to help their teams develop, cope under pressure, gain more confidence and to be able to manage change.
Our managers also accessed Executive Solutions on a one to one basis and they were able to help them with any problems they had and gave productive advice and solutions in how to deal with this.
We also had group sessions through Executive Solutions with the rest of our staff. The group sessions are very positive and inspiring.
I would definitely recommend Executive Solutions to any business or individual looking to develop themselves and/or their career.
Posted By: Kate Fletcher
HR/Admin Manager, PR Scully & Co Solicitors, St Helens
I used Executive Solutions to undertake some work with our young professionals (16-19 yrs). They were able to engage at the correct level with the young people and asked them to question their ability to take responsibility for their own career development.
The sessions were highly motivational and the young players were able to take a hard look at what the future potentially holds for them, both positive & negative from sporting, academic and work perspectives, and set personal goals and challenges.
Our young people have extremely busy schedules and these sessions were highly valuable in allowing the players to see how all their actions and choices have the potential to impact upon one another, again reinforcing the overall message of personal responsibility.
Whilst the players found the sessions very intense they also found them highly thought provoking, and for this reason i can't thank Executive Solutions enough for helping our young players fulfill their potential.
Posted By: Neil Kilshaw
Player Performance Manager, St Helens RFC, St Helens
I started to work with Executive Solutions to help me take the next step in my new career. Executive solutions has helped with my confidence and motivation to achieve my goals in the next chapter of my life. As I'm training to become a key note speaker and life coach there input and guidance has been invaluable. Not only have they helped with my future career, they have been a massive part in motivating me to be in the best shape physically i've been in for a long time, helping me to take my current career as a pro rugby player to new levels . I cant recommend executive solutions highly enough and I look forward to continuing our work together for some time.
Posted By: Josh Perry
St Helens, N.S.W and Australian Rugby League player. Key note speaker and life coach
Executive Solutions have again been instrumental in the delivery of our Development Training this year. Not only by giving us clear and concise goals and direction, but with the their support network.
We believe these sessions to be invaluable in the development of our athletes and feel that the support we receive from Executive Solutions is an essential asset.
I would recommend Executive Solutions to any individual or company who is serious about forging ahead in their field.
Posted By: Steve Leonard
Rugby League Development Manager for St Helens and Merseyside

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