Coaching and Mentoring

Successful people in all areas of life whether it is in community, sport, business, or humanitarian causes, have experienced the benefit of external support in order for them to reach their full potential.

We have in depth experience with all types of clients from large corporate companies investing in staff through group days and offering stimulating learning through to one to one executive coaching.

Our group days introduce out the box thinking to all levels of management using Music, Dance, Out Door Education to more traditional team building experiences, we also provide low risk onsite activities that will challenge any management team around the areas of group work, communication, delegation, strategy to name a few.

Individual one to one executive coaching is also available and a unique remote support system where the client can receive support when they need it rather than just the one hr session with our experienced coach.

What our clients say...

I received Executive Coaching from Dave, over a six month period to support me with my recent promotion, Dave supported me to look at myself and how I was processing the interaction I was having with my team. We covered the group work theory and it helped to put reasons why in my skills. Dave introduced coping strategies with self talk and my work life balance, the remote support was really effective to contact him when either a success was acknowledged or just someone to bounce off when nervous. My performance increased and I am now a lot happier with managing people knowing if I need him he is there.
Office Manager, Manchester
My team of managers attended a group day with Dave and even though a very enjoyable day the learning that took place was immense. The group really moved forward in their understanding of each other and different pressure they are under from different directions. Time away from the high powered workplace moved my manager to another level with Dave, he used the medium of music and a recording studio to challenge, inform and allow individuals to explore personal development. The price was right and nothing compared to recent production figures we have planned more as the cost of not doing it is greater to the company.
Production Director, Liverpool