Are you a coach struggling to transfer strategy in a team sport?

Are you an individual competing and not really fulfilling your full potential?

Are you a Team Manager who has thought about bringing a performance coach in to complement existing coaches?

These questions are common before working with a personal coach, covering topics like personal mental preparation, self talk and managing it under pressure, life style management and personal relationships.

Executive Solutions has 20 years worth of experience working with athletes from different sports including Football, Martial Arts, Kick Boxing, Volley Ball, Golf ,Tennis, Cycling and Professional Rugby League. If you’re an individual or part of a team who wants to be the best you can be, please get in touch now to reach your full potential.

What our clients say...

I have been working with Executive Solutions on both a personal and coaching level. They have opened my eyes to the keys to personal performance and changed my thinking on what I can achieve. I looked at myself and raised standards including my habits and what the triggers are. This has made me a better coach, my football team now know what I want them to do on a field individually and collectively whilst enjoying their sport. Their competitive edge has increased and made them harder for other teams to beat. Anyone wanting to learn these skills contact Executive Solutions straight away.
Karl Jones
Sports Coach, Manchester
I used Executive Solutions to undertake some work with our young professionals (16-19 yrs). They were able to engage at the correct level with the young people and asked them to question their ability to take responsibility for their own career development.
The sessions were highly motivational and the young players were able to take a hard look at what the future potentially holds for them, both positive & negative from sporting, academic and work perspectives, and set personal goals and challenges.
Our young people have extremely busy schedules and these sessions were highly valuable in allowing the players to see how all their actions and choices have the potential to impact upon one another, again reinforcing the overall message of personal responsibility.
Whilst the players found the sessions very intense they also found them highly thought provoking, and for this reason i can't thank Executive Solutions enough for helping our young players fulfill their potential.
Neil Kilshaw
Player Performance Manager, St Helens RFC, St Helens