Workshops and Conferences

Executive Solutions has the knowledge and ability to speak on a variety of topics from community issues such as ASBOs and gangs, knife crime and valuing your values, to leadership, management, and personal effectiveness.

You will be introduced to steps and strategies to understand personal responses that cover all situations and be introduced to different questioning platforms that can diffuse confrontation for all parties.


  • Handle confrontation
  • Learn how to explore personal strategies when dealing with difficult people
  • Use your increased understanding of human behaviour and its effects on others
  • Utilise specific communication skills that will help control difficult situations
  • Adopt a professional and appropriate style of behaviour when handling difficult situations

Depending on your desired outcome, Executive Solutions will customise a programme to support your requirements. This is completely flexible but could include:

  • Building the Best Team
  • Action Planning
  • Leadership and Management
  • Giving Effective Feedback
  • Managing Time
  • Delegating Made Easier
  • Dealing with Challenging Behaviour

A less business, more personal focused approach could include:

  • Healthy Lifestyles
  • Understanding Aggression
  • Introduction to Sport
  • Building Confidence
  • The Power of “No”

In our experience, organisations tend to choose a variety of business- and personal-focused sessions in order to get the best out of their Team during the sessions.

It is important that our work is tailored to your needs, so that when Executive Solutions has finished the initial process with you, you have the skills to continue the development on your own, with the opportunity to arrange follow up sessions at a later date.

What our clients say...

I have attended a few training courses throughout my career, so as I travelled to the Executive Solutions leadership workshop, I thought there was nothing new to learn – how wrong could I be?! The Prison Service changes annually to meet cuts and targets. I had always struggled with change – believing it would just result in more work, less opportunities and less job satisfaction. But Executive Solutions have always been so positive about change and they taught me great techniques to motivate my staff, to help them to develop and get rewards to make change work for them. I have also found a great mentor who I can always rely on. I would recommend Executive Solutions to anyone wishing to take their business or personal skills forward to meet these demanding times.
Russell Booth
Senior Officer, HMP Liverpool