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Two years ago, my company Positive Solutions St Helens, was in my opinion, very busy but not as profitable as I wanted it to be, and I was at a loss to see how I could take the business on to the next level. After all there are only so many hours in the day! After working with Executive Solutions in the areas of prioritising workloads; delegation; and focusing on the future, I began to see the light.
“Over a period of 12 months, with one to one sessions with myself and my staff, plus team building and personal effectiveness workshops, we achieved all of our short-term and long-term goals that were set out in our business plan which was made achievable with Executive Solutions.
“I am not saying that it was done without any hard work or pain, and it certainly took us out of our comfort zone for a period of time, but the destination has been worth it, in my opinion thanks to structure put in place by Executive Solutions.
“We are currently maintaining the standards put in place with the help of our monthly one to one sessions and staff meetings and this is now embedded in the culture of my company.
Posted By: Kevin Simpson
Director, Positive Solutions St Helens
Many thanks for donating the raffle prize of 2 free tickets to the Wakefield Trinity Wild Cats home game on 26th February 2010. This was extremely generous and very much appreciated. The prize was won by Tracy – she was absolutely delighted! The tickets attracted a lot of attention and were a really great prize. I will soon be able to inform you how much was raised for our charity. It was a very successful evening, enjoyed by many who supported the Charity, the stallholders and the venue.

With Regards and Thanks.
Posted By: Barbara Wood
Breast Cancer Campaign (Manchester Group)
Because of my role as Training and Development Manager of Sefton Council for Voluntary Service (CVS), I was highly recommended Executive Solutions by a work colleague who had previously used them. I needed to access a wide range of bespoke training, from ‘Managing Conflict when working with Young People’ to ‘Facilitation and Public Speaking Skills’ for Sefton CVS staff and the wider children’s workforce in Sefton.
Executive Solutions responded quickly to my range of needs, by arranging a one-to-one meeting then developing appropriate training packages, which were high quality and embedded “equalities” within them. I am now recommending them to you.
Comments made on how the training will benefit work included:
“The things that were covered in the sessions helped me to understand good practice when dealing with children and young people.”
”I expected to be learning about how to deal with certain situations regarding conflict in a particular way. However, I believe this course has challenged me and how I deal with conflict in my work. Delivery was fantastic and I would strongly recommend it.”
”We will be able to implement different aspects of the course by managing situations of conflict a lot better and look at situations in a more positive manner.”
”It was a brilliant session and produced a lot of discussion and thought.”
”It will help me be more confident when meeting with young people. It will help me set future goals in my work and support my personal development”.
“It was brilliant and the sessions packed a lot into them.
Posted By: Gillian Blane
Training & Development Manager, Sefton CVS
Dave has been working at the Attendance Centre since my appointment as the Centre Manager over four years ago. Initially he was employed as an Instructor in the Fitness Suite and Gymnasium working with challenging young people, some of whom had little or no appetite for physical exercise. Through his interaction with them, there was a noticeable increase in levels of self confidence of the young people. The role not only involved physical exercise for the young people but also the raising of their awareness in terms of the benefits of a healthier lifestyle.
Dave has now expanded his role within the Centre to the extent that he now regularly takes a leading role within the educational role of the Centre in a classroom environment. He has presented inputs to the young people on issues such as Vehicle Crime, Drugs Education and Violent Crime, in particular issues surrounding Knife Crime. The material he has utilised on these subjects is mostly self – generated which he has researched through various media outlets.
He has an excellent attitude with the young people and has been able to offer various exit strategies to them upon completion of their time at the Centre.
His innovative ideas on the Centre’s programme are invaluable to all staff members.
He has also assisted me with in presenting the Centre’s aims and objectives to local Magistrates at Court meetings. Local Magistrates have also made a number of visits to the Centre and have commented positively on the work Dave undertakes at the Centre.
Posted By: Mark Jones
Officer in Charge, Prescot Junior Mixed Attendance Centre

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