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The support of Executive Solutions as a business and a sponsor to Churchtown Cricket Club has been invaluable. We have already seen an improvement in attitude and application at training and matches.
Posted By: Eddie Bancroft
Captain - Churchtown Cricket Club, Southport
Executive Solution have been a massive help in enabling us to take 34 players on a rugby tour to London. Many of theses children have never had the opportunity to take part in anything like this before.
Thank you.
Posted By: Mike Ashall
Thatto Heath Crusaders ARLFC Under 12's, Thatto Heath St Helens
I requested Executive Solutions have an input into our training strategy in groups and personal coaching. Our club members really got a lot out of the sessions and gave a greater understanding in the partner work and communication during game time.
On a personal level several individuals invested in personal coaching raising awareness to their self talk and coping strategies under pressure and highlighting their decision making.
As a result of the work Executive Solutions have done with us we have all raised our performance and training attitude to another level and the feel good factor is flowing through our game.
I would recommend any serious sports person who wants to move forward with the quality of their sport to get in touch with Executive Solutions and sample their skills.
Posted By: Paula Gotty
Badminton Coach, Chester
I contacted Executive Solutions at the start of our pre season training. We had a number of new recruits to the squad with a varied range of ages and experience between the group.
Executive Solutions proved to be a vital tool in bringing these individuals together to focus upon common targets and goals.
The presentation delivered focused the squad’s attention on what we wanted to achieve both as individuals and as a collective as well as helping people to understand the different mental approaches that people may adopt. This has enabled greater understanding and empathy amongst the squad resulting in positive group dynamics.
The motivation that the presentation provided enabled us to have a very intense and focused pre season with a number of individuals surpassing previous fitness goals/results.
I would highly recommend the work carried out by Executive Solutions.
Posted By: Matt Daniels
Head of Strength & Conditioning, Saints RLFC, St. Helens
I have been working with Executive Solutions for over 8 months in the areas of both coaching one to one and groups with other managers. I have improved my confidence,planning skills, time management and delegation skills. The benefits have not all been in the employment area but also my personal life working on life balance and positive choices. I have received quality from our first meeting with a very professional attitude to personal coaching. It has also helped me look at myself in a very subtle way.
I would recommend Executive Solutions to anyone who is serious about personal and professional change in the workplace. Their coaching has changed the culture and attitudes in my employment.
Posted By: Alix Parkes
Senior Manager Retail, Manchester
I have worked with Executive Solutions for twelve months exploring personal goals, lifestyle, working habits and delegation, personal motivation and communication. This experience has been a massive career positive. My performance has increased the Team I am responsible for are functioning at a higher level and productivity in general is up. I would recommend any individual or business to work with this company to improve employee engagement, increase management skills and keep their business ahead of their competitors.
Posted By: Paul Fenton
Shift Manager, Manchester
Executive Solutions has supported me through my first period of learning with an NVQ Apprenticeship in ten years, they have been brilliant and given me so much confidence in both my personal and professional abilities. I also took advantage of some individual career coaching which opened up so many more skills related to me achieving my goals. I would recommend anyone who is starting any learning process off to take advantage of this coaching with Executive Solutions.
Posted By: Eileen Hutchison
Apprenticeship Learner, St.Helens
Executive Solutions have been one of the most flexible and professional companies we have worked with most recently and are a company who are motivated and driven by supporting individuals and companies to succeed and achieve. We asked Executive Solutions to work with us as we did not have the staff capacity to deliver elements of our training programme which they did at very short notice. The comments we received from delegates were nothing less than outstanding including: “The Tutor was brilliant! Today was a big learning curve.” “A really good course and well worth attending”. Executive Solutions are definitely now on our preferred supplier list and our first call.
Posted By: Ann-Marie Lawrenson
Halton & St Helens Voluntary and Community Action, St Helens & Halton
I have used Executive Solutions for both Life and business coaching and have found it has made a significant positive impact into the way I conduct my life and business. The sessions have helped me identify a number of issues I had both personally and within my business and through the regular sessions I have had with Executive Solutions I can now clearly identify my goals and track progress with great success. The coaching style is very ‘down to earth’, positive and motivating. Since I first used Executive Solutions I have had to face a major personal issue but with their help and support I have worked through it and I now feel I have the confidence to tackle any situation be it personal or business.
Posted By: Mark Fairhurst
Business Owner, St Helens
I have always been into Sport and like a challenge, I was offered the opportunity to enter a White Collar Boxing Event for Charity linked to my company. Executive Solutions took charge of my preparation regarding attitude and mind set. It was a very challenging period that I now look back on with pride not just the money we raised but the tools they used with me really made the difference. Executive Solutions worked both in the Gym and with me on my life style and negative self talk, after a few sessions I also recognised the link to my work and habits at work functioning in a very challenging job. I would recommend Executive Solutions to any individual or group who wish to go the extra mile in their personal or professional development.
Posted By: Conner Hardaker
Banker, Manchester

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