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I contacted Executive Solutions via their web site, seeking Coaching support in the area of managing change, goal setting, dealing with challenging behavior and stress management. My experience has been a positive explosion of development for me and my company. The sessions were very powerful but informal and totally focused on my needs both personally and in business, I now feel more positive, confident to make difficult decisions and keep focus and direction. The motivation element has supported me also to lose 2 stone personally by looking at my life style and habit triggers. I would recommend Executive Solutions to people who are serious about improving both themselves and their business. I do feel my journey has only just started and should have done it years ago, well worth the cost.
Posted By: Kerry Baldwin
Sales Manager, Manchester
I have worked with Executive Solutions for six months and improved both my physical and mental agility in my chosen sport. The learning tools from the sessions have also fitted into my personal life improving my goal setting, motivation and overall well being. I am a more competant competitor now with more confidence in my own ability and less stress at work as a result. I would recommend Executive Solutions to anyone who believes they are better but just need a bit of structure in order to achieve full potential. I have also invested in their Executive Coaching and the benifits to my business are massive, the quality of my employees output has increased, their motivation and being outcome focussed is there for me to see. I will continue to invest in my staff with Executive Solutions throughout 2011 and beyond.
Posted By: Paul Riley
MD Accountant, Liverpool
My main aims were to stop negative thoughts, build my confidence and handle a period of change in my worklife, which Dave at Exective Solutions helped me to address through 8 sessions that included lots of talking (Dave is a great listener!) and exercises that I took home to work on through the week.
We would then evaluate progress and Dave instinctively knew which areas I needed to work on next.
I have walked away with a hole new set of skills that I use on a daily basis, and I'm looking forward to starting the next phase of my development which is going to focus on building my new business.
This has all had a positive impact on both my work and home life and I can't thank Executive Solutions enough.
Posted By: Suzanne Clarke
I am currently the Manufacturing Manager for Befesa Salt Slags Ltd., a company specialising in the treatment of by products from the primary and secondary aluminium industries. My role involves the management of the production, maintenance, logistics and technical functions of the business.
Befesa is part of the Spanish multinational group of companies, Abengoa which also specialises in bioenergy, solar energy, construction, water de-salination and information technology. Abengoa operates in over 80 countries.
Throughout my career I have attended numerous management development courses as well as those which were part of my studies towards my formal qualifications. Whilst each of these has had its value, the benefits I have realised from my time spent with Executive Solutions, outweighs the sum of the others.
The particular benefits have been realised by a process of self-evaluation leading to a better and more strategic focus. The style and content of the sessions provided by Executive Solutions have facilitated this.
The actions I have implemented, as a direct result of my collaboration with Executive Solutions, have yielded measurable improvements across the business, my own performance and that of those reporting to me.
My role is no different than any other management position in that it can be demanding 24/7. On a personal level, the sessions have assisted in developing an improved work / life balance with again, tangible benefits in both areas.
Posted By: Stuart Irvine
Manufacturing Manager, Befesa Salt Slags Ltd
Befesa started working with Executive Solutions Limited in 2009 and continued durinq 2010 on two specific programmes of staff development, one for a senior member of the management team as executive mentoring and the other, a general programme to build confidence and communication skills of the other members of the management team.
The executive mentoring programme has produced excellent results in the individual concerned, with the individual finding the mentoring to be beneflcial both in work and at home.
The group days used for the general programme of management development has received excellent feedback from the personnel concerned, describing this programme as the "best we have had", which for the company was very positive for staff motivation and their own personal confidence.
In general, I would have no hesitation in recommending Executive Solutions for any level of staff development programmes, including executive mentoring.
Posted By: Adrian Platt
Managing Director, Befesa Salt Slags Ltd
I have attended a few training courses throughout my career, so as I travelled to the Executive Solutions leadership workshop, I thought there was nothing new to learn – how wrong could I be?! The Prison Service changes annually to meet cuts and targets. I had always struggled with change – believing it would just result in more work, less opportunities and less job satisfaction. But Executive Solutions have always been so positive about change and they taught me great techniques to motivate my staff, to help them to develop and get rewards to make change work for them. I have also found a great mentor who I can always rely on. I would recommend Executive Solutions to anyone wishing to take their business or personal skills forward to meet these demanding times.
Posted By: Russell Booth
Senior Officer, HMP Liverpool
We are working closely with Executive Solutions to develop short- and long-term action plans for both the staff and the organisation as a whole. A Planning Day helped us to share aims and to get our focus back on our future and the development of our services. The day ranged from light-hearted team-building to intense strategic planning, and was unique in that it was tailor-made to us. Some similar companies arrive with their own ideas of how they think we should be working, but at the end of the day, when the Planning Day is over, it is still down to us to manage the future. Executive Solutions were very useful in providing me with challenging but achievable targets which I was confident we could meet as a team, with support from them if we need it.
Posted By: Helen Fitzgerald
Deafness Resource Centre Limited
I have worked with Executive Solutions in a role where I am volunteering with the rehabilitation programmes of offenders between the ages of 18-25 years of age. Executive Solutions have acted as a mentor offering advice, guidance and support whilst assisting and teaching rehabilitation programmes to offenders. They have excellent knowledge of health and fitness within the programme that has helped the individuals change their lifestyles.
Posted By: Chris Millikin
Mersey Tunnels Police Officer
Within various professional capacities, I have referred vulnerable and disengaged individuals to work with Executive Solutions in order to support them with personal development and to address risky behaviours and lifestyle issues. They have always responded professionally and with bespoke ability in relation to meeting the needs of individuals. It is inspiring to see the development of such innovative support programmes and approaches to engaging and achieving outcomes with some of the hardest to reach clients. Executive Solutions has also provided constructive and motivational one-to-one support to assist me in planning team approaches to work and how to manage and influence change. This has helped me greatly in progressing as a strategic lead and I thank you greatly for this.
Posted By: Simone Hill
Every Child Matters Co-ordinator, Sefton CVS
I am an ex GB International Rugby League player now concentrating on helping amateur rugby coaches improve their players and themselves through my online coaching website. During my research into setting up the coaching site, I heard from several people that Executive Solutions would be a great help on the sport education side of the site. After speaking to Executive Solutions, I was blown away by the advice and guidance, especially on the implication of Action Plans and Lesson Plans for young rugby players aged 6-16. Their knowledge and professional approach when dealing with young people is second to none and I would highly recommend using this company. In addition, the skills and guidance are easily transferable to any age group, not just to young people.
Posted By: Neil Harmon

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